With their three-part harmonies and infectious style, McMillan is making their mark on the country music industry. Made up of siblings Lauren, Kathryn, and Robert McMillan, the trio has found a way to mesh the sound of new country with that of traditional country birthing an unforgettable vibe with their original music. Their highly anticipated single, "Only Thing Missin'", is set to release this summer following their debut single, "Lake Day", which has gained over 100,000 Spotify streams. Another attribute the group is known for is their mashups which have collectively attained over a quarter of a million views across social media platforms. Their latest medley of 2019 country hits embraces 28 songs in just 3 minutes and can be found on their Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram pages. For more of McMillan's music, be sure to follow their social media sites @thebandmcmillan.